Birth preparation classes

The aim of a birth preparation class is to inform you, to answer your questions and take your fears. The exchange with other pregnant women and me is supposed to impart knowledge and safety to you.

The small number of participants enables a personal atmosphere in which the pregnant women and their partners can quickly trust each other. It is not uncommon to develop frienships during the time of the class.

There are both continuous courses and intensive courses on weekends, they last for a maximum of 14 hours. You can either attend a women-only course, a couple-only course or one in which the women are among themselves for the first appointments and the partners are only invited on the last evenings.

Examples of the topics are:

  • the choice of place of birth
  • the different phases of the natural birth
  • the anatomy of the female pelvis and the birth canal
  • risk-births, for example cesarean section
  • contractions and how to deal with them
  • breathing and relaxation exercises
  • medications for pain release and alternative options
  • birthing positions
  • postnatal period and involution of uterus and pelvic floor
  • breastfeeding
  • interaction with a baby and hygiene

It is ideally recommended to start the course between the 28th and 30th week of pregnancy to ensure that the course will be completed even if your baby is born premature. Registrations should be made by the 24th week of pregnancy at the latest.

The fees for you are covered by the medical insurance, a partner fee is often partly covered and partly has to be paid by yourself.

Either you attend a course in a midwife practice or in the hospital where you want to give birth to your child.Right now I’m not giving any classes, but it might change if there is enough english speaking women asking for one.