About me

I was born in 1987 in the Wittgensteiner Land in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany, where I lived until I did my A-Levels in 2006. After that I moved to Cologne, where I started to work in the media industry a while. This short detour was necessary to show me my real vocation and after a voluntary year of social service in a day care facility for young children I finally started my training to become a midwife.

Right after succeeding my midwivery exams at the Midwivery School Paderborn I packed my backpack in October 2012 and traveled to India, to get to know a foreign country, people and traditions. Half of the time I spent there I was travelling around, half of it I worked in a German Birthing Center in Tamil Nadu. Accompanying lots of Indian women during their pregnancy, birth and postnatal period made it a very precious and interesting time, which let me gain a lot of experience in midwifery.

After this exciting and instructive year abroad I moved to Berlin in January 2014 to start my work a free-lancing midwife offering antenatal and postnatal care, childbirth preparation classes and postnatal exercise classes.

Already during my time in India I came to appreciate holisitic support during the whole time of pregnancy and postnatal period and I’m therefore motivated and really looking forward to accompany and support you and your partner with my knowledge as good as I can.


Yasmin Metwaly

In addition to my job as a freelancing midwife I was employed in the delivery room of the Caritas Klinik Maria Heimsuchung inn Berlin-Pankow from October 2015 till May 2017.

For family reasons I moved to Hamburg-Wilhelmsburg in May 2017 and started to work in the delivery room of Helios Mariahilf Klinik in Harburg. After a short time I decided to quit an restart my work as a freelancer without obstetrics, which I did until I moved to Schanzenviertel and stopped for my own maternity leave and parental leave in January 2019.

Parental leave is about to end and I’ll start working again in September 2020.