Postnatal period

Postnatal phase beginns with the birth of your baby and lasts 12 weeks. It’s a precious time for you and your partner to enjoy your baby and to become a family. I’d be pleased to accompany you through this time with my advice.

Both antenatal care and postpartum care is payed by your medical insurance. In case of miscarriage or stillbirth you have the same right to use a midwife’s service.

If you’re staying in the hospital for an inpatient birth I do the postpartum visits at your home on the day after you have been discharged. If you do an outpatient birth, which means that you stay in the hospital for 6-8 hours after birth and then go home after a detailed checkup of mother and baby, I do the first homevisit on the same day. Daily homevisits are possible until the 10th day after birth. The intervals get bigger as the time passes by until the postpartum period is over. After the 8 weeks have passed you still can use my service according the breastfeeding issues and consultation according to solid foods for your baby 8 times in total. If necessary the gynaecologist or the paediatrician can extend the duration of midwifery care.


A typical postpartum homevisit includes the supervision of the involution of the uterus and the healing of possible childbirth injury. According to breastfeeding I show you different positions to breastfeed, I give advice against nipple soreness, answer your questions and check the development of your baby. I will care for the baby’s umbilical stump and give advice when it comes to baby care and handling.

I show you how to train your pelvic floor gently after birth so you can prepare yourself at home until you participate in a postnatal exercise class.

Throughout the pregnancy I see my women every 4-6 weeks to do the antenatal checkups and to prepare the birth and postpartum period as good as possible.

Outpatient birth “Ambulante Geburt” during corona-crisis

Since beginning of corona-crisis more and more women decide to have an outpatient birth. It means, that mother and baby are discharged from the hospital usually 6 hours after the vaginal birth. Of course, this is only possible if both are totally fine and healthy. In this case I’m coming on the same day, unless the birth happened in the evening and the discharge happens at night. The second examination of the baby (U2) a blood sample from the baby’s heel to exclude metabolic diseases and a hearing test for the baby can not be done in the hospital then due to reasons of time but it will all be done by resident doctors and the midwife. If you’re interested in the possibilty of an outpatient birth I’m happy to answer your questions and explain the details of the procedures in a personal conversation.