Antenatal care

As a midwife I carry out investigations and checks according to the official German Maternity Guidelines and observe therefore the course of your pregnancy and the development of your baby. I do the antenatal checkups alternating with your gynaecologist. For further information about alternate antental care and about the recommended ultrasound examinations please click here!

The German Maternity Guidelines recommend – in case of a healthy pregnancy – to let prenatal care (“Vorsorgeuntersuchungen”) be done at intervals of four weeks at first, then after 32 weeks of pregenancy it’s done every two weeks and if you pass EDD: every two days.

  • My service as a midwife includes…
  • handing out and filling out the maternity documents (“Mutterpass”)
  • measuring blood pressure
  • examinations of blood and urine
  • supervising the development of mother’s and baby’s weight
  • checking the baby’s position by abdominal palpation and checking the baby’s heartbeat
  • vaginal examination, if necessary
  • counseling regarding different subjects as physical and psychological changes, sports and nutrition, the choice of the place of birth, classes during pregnancy and postpartum period, brestfeeding, complementary foods and baby care


Herztöne hören

Advice on pregnancy complaints

I offer advice in a range of typical pregancy complaints. No matter if it’s home remedies, conventional medicine, anthroposophic medicine or herbal medicine, it’s of course harmless for you and your baby. Even if pregnancy is a wonderfull time it can be sometimes tough as well and very often it already helps to get some reassuring words and compassion.

No matter if I examinate you and the baby through antenatal care or if we talk about the complaints that you have I always take time and attention to company you through your pregnancy and postpartum period to support you to feel safe and relaxed through this intire exciting time.

If you feel attracted to my offer I’ll be pleased to get to know you in a personal preliminary meeting at your home. After it you’ll have time to decide wether or not you want to attend my service.